Amanda Louise Bashford

Amanda Louise Bashford

About Me:
I live in Guildford, Surrey with my husband and two boys. I am a qualified accountant with over 20 years experience. I am looking to supplement my life and my career with modelling work. I’m 44 years old and I embrace who I am and I am keen to embrace life and experiences such as this. I have always been reasonably confident but in recent years that confidence has grown and blossomed. Having seen the changes in the media and the move to inclusivity and more natural looks, I would love to become part of this evolution. I would love my children to grow up knowing you can look and be whatever you choose to be.

I very rarely wear makeup and keep my hair in a simple cut with natural colour. I think physically I fall into the average category.

I have a very large range of abilities. Competency levels are above average but not professional.

· Karate (Green Belt 4 years of training)

· Artistic Roller Skating

· Dance (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Salsa, Modern Ballroom, Latin Ballroom, Jive, Ceroc)

· Swimming

· Padi Scuba Diving (Rescue Diver in need of a refresh)

· Kung Fu (orange belt, historic not current)

· Needle Point (embroidery, tapestry and cross stitch)

Interested In:
– Catalogue modelling
– Adverts either TV or just billboards/static advert imagery