Alpha Rahman Bangura

Alpha Rahman Bangura

About Me:
I am an individual that is interest in art as I am currently studying Level 3 Diploma in Art at North Kent College and I enjoyed painting and drawing animation including anime and gaming. I am good at sketching as I am inspired by Masashi Kishimoto who is Japanese artist that is associated with manga & animation.

I also participate in athletics as I am a junior member at that London Athletics club and I have a scoring number for England which can be provided on request. I had in the past participate on junior championships in South London & Surrey and I have few achievements in 100 & 200 metres. I also compete against other athletes from various clubs in London and I am still a member with the London Athletics club and I hope to resume my training once the Covid-19 pandemic is over. I am also good at other sporting activities such as long & high jump and I previous won a certificate during my years at my secondary school competition.

I am a creative individual who enjoys comedy and also enjoy cooking & baking at home. My mother/sister are supportive in all areas of my development and my future career. I hope to pursue my professional modelling and I hope your agency will representing me at this point in time at the early stages of my modelling.

Interested In:
Sport (Athletics: sprinting & field event).
Art (Painting, Animation – Fine art).