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Exclusive Interview With Casting Director Rick Laxton

We recently had the opportunity to interview Rick Laxton, Casting Director and Writer for TV, Film and Theatre. After, finishing his studies in Drama at Hull University. Rick worked on various projects such as Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, The Pact and has worked with major Television Networks such as ITV, BBC, E4 and more. With more than 10 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the Entertainment industry.

Rick Laxton shared with us some tips for casting auditions, how to approach a director and more during this interview. Keep reading to for exclusive tips and useful advice that will help you with your Acting career.

The Interview Questions

  • How did you start your career as a Casting Director?

Rick: After graduating, I tried a few short-term jobs doing different roles for various production companies. One of them was casting extras for a film and I enjoyed it so much. That it encouraged me to look for other casting jobs. Then, I went to work as an Assistant to Casting Directors for a few years before getting my first Casting Director credits.

  • How should you approach a Casting Director?

Rick: Emailing is a good start! Let them know everything that they need to know about you, keep it to specific details, keep it brief and interesting so they don’t lose interest. Additionally, what can help is if you have any clips of you acting to send them along with the email. Don’t pester the Casting Director with too many emails as it can get too much. Generally, there is no need to email any more than every few months. Patience is key.

  • Do you support new actors? And how?

Rick: I am always looking out for new actors. I watch theatre performances with new actors and consistently looking to spot fresh talent. I am very passionate about bringing people to castings regardless of experience and sharing my experiences to help build their futures.

  • What qualities do you look for in Actors when you’re casting?

Rick: I look for a spark, someone thorough and professional. Someone who understands adapts to the different scene(s) and can engage with the material they are given, with confidence.

  • How to prepare for a first Casting Audition?   

Rick: I would find out as much as you can about the character that you will perform as during the audition. Such as, who they are and why they are doing what they are doing in the scenes that you’ve been given. The more understanding you have of the character and then the more convincing your performance will be.

  • What should you expect at your first Casting Audition?

Rick: It probably won’t be a long audition, maybe 5 to 15 minutes long. So, do what is required, with confidence and it will be over before you know it. You might get the chance to have a quick chat with the Casting Director, Director or Producer to tell them a bit about yourself and to talk about the project. You may be able to discuss further details and the opportunity to ask any questions. During the audition, you will be asked to perform the scene(s) and they may give you direction to try the scene(s) in a different way.

  • What should actors NOT to do at Casting Auditions?

Rick: To be honest, I would advise to not come across as someone that a Director wouldn’t want on their set. Don’t have an attitude of that you don’t need to come prepared and be overly confident. When given the opportunity, don’t hold back, embrace it and work with it to widen your knowledge. It may just be a learning curve and will only help you progress further as an Actor.

  • Do you have any hints and tips for new and upcoming actors?

Rick: Yes I do which is to keep going and don’t lose faith if there are a few no’s. If you persist and keep learning then the yes’s will come.

We hope this exclusive interview with Rick Laxton will help you prepare for your next or first Casting Audition. Good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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