4 Tips On Standing Out On A Casting

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4 Tips On Standing Out On A Casting

1. Be yourself. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s not. many casting directors are not looking for the next Justin Bieber, they are usually looking for someone unique! The one and only you.

2. Share your special talents. If you sing or dance or do something special tell make it clear at your castings! they do not mind readers. It may be on your application, but when seeing lots of people they won’t take the time to flip over the application to read every single thing that you do. Your application may end up in the no pile without being read if you don’t stand out.

3. Be enthusiastic. People can always spot the person who is really hungry for it over the person who is going through the motions. We can see it in their eyes, We can hear in their voice. Teenagers especially sometimes come in the room and look like they are going for a root canal. If you don’t care that much, why would they? People who are enthusiastic and show how much they want to be there have a tendency to win.

4. Be dedicated. We have can’t tell you how frequently we’ve heard someone at a casting who, despite having no experience, already has a list of conditions or things that they won’t do. We call these barriers. Won’t audition past 5 p.m. on a school night? That’s a barrier. Want to be a star but won’t miss a soccer practice for an audition? That’s a barrier too. Think that your kid should be able to skip past print work, voiceovers, and commercials and shoot straight to major feature films? Barrier! You never have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, and likewise we would never put you or your child in a situation that was harmful or unsafe, but we do expect you to take our advice and know that when you step into a casting, you are making the commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed.