Zain Remy

About Me


Hair:Dark Brown

Hi, I’m Zain and welcome to my profile. Through my modelling, I am looking to change the world in a positive and active way.

I am a keen traveller, love experiencing culture and learning new skills. Through both, I would love to help where I can and put a smile on all the beautiful people I encounter across the world.

I am addicted to helping those in distress; I truly believe that compassion, positivity and a caring nature always win, as well as my motivation and determination to make a change in this world.

I know that one day everyone will know my name and my brand and it will have been through the ongoing experiences I have gained throughout my life, as well as the carefully selected companies I will represent as a model that I would love to work together with and join the journey with me. You will be investing in a model that will bring value to your brand and embrace everything about it.

My social media platform is growing and so is my own brand, I cannot wait to work with you if you believe in my ideologies and me then together we can change the world.


SPORTS: Gym and Fitness, Surfing, Mixed Martial Arts, Football

HOBBIES: Travelling and learning new skills

DANCE: Hip Hop

MUSIC: Hip Hop

MODELLING: I am open to most brands, if we both are fortunate enough to work with each other, we will work together as a team to convey your message and build both our legacies making sure the message whether through fashion, marketing or social media is spread to as many people across the world as possible, most importantly they will embrace us. I am an honest model and I make sure that I read up on all designers, labels and companies before I can represent them. I love fashion but I also have a real interest in travelling.