Vlad Plyushchenko

Yun-Chen,Tu Enrique
About Me


Eyes:Deep Blue

I am 13 years old and a student. I like to spend time with people, socialise and work in a group. I am passionate about football and any activities involving some kind of strategy. I have good experience in this since I am a Sports Captain at my school. Also, I can fluently speak in four languages (English, Russian, Spanish and French). Another passion of mine is IT and I am interested in new technological concepts, for example, cryptocurrency, space voyages like virgin galactic etc.

I’m also interested in music and am working on Grade 6 in piano. In school, I love maths, science, P.E. (Physical Education), Spanish and Music. These are my favourite subjects and I work hard in them and make progress every day. For maths, I like working with numbers and this helps me work on my problem-solving skills which I like to think I am quite good at. Science is interesting for me because in our school we get to do a lot of experiments which are extremely interactive and helpful in learning. P.E. is a passion of mine because I’m the sports captain in school and  I have a good time working on my sports skills as well as my teamwork and leadership.

For me, Spanish is a great language to learn because I believe that it will greatly help me when I’m older. Right now I am pushing myself to do a level 2 exam though you should only be taking a level 1 for CE unless you are from a Spanish speaking country and can speak fluently. Finally, I am enthusiastic about music because it helps me relax by playing the pieces that I know and it is fun to learn new ones.


SPORTS: Football and fitness