About Me


Hair:Dark Brown
Eyes:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Trithi, since the age of 11, I have thoroughly enjoyed the excitement and thrill associated with being on stage. Acting, dancing, presenting, giving speeches, debates… participating in such activities has always given me a ‘high’ which is quite hard to describe. We all have a mission in life and I truly believe that I was born to perform. You may ask, why are you shouting about this at the age of 40? What were you doing all these years? To that my response would be – “What’s wrong with starting now? It’s never too late eh? I was born into a family which believes in having a conventional career. This explains my degree in Computer Science, followed by an excellent track record as a Business Analyst in the Banking Industry. I could probably do this for the rest of my life but you know what I am done with living inside a ‘career closet’. I want to come out… I don’t want to settle down for anything that doesn’t make me happy anymore. My passion for performing helped me to stay connected with classical dance form and I am looking forward to set the stage on fire. I want opportunities that will help to exploit my talent. You live only once and I am extremely determined to make the most out of this lifetime. Lights, camera and action… I am ready for you. So what are you waiting for… bring it on!!”


Face modelling (promote products such as beauty, health, skin care, perfumes. makeup etc.)
Clothes modelling 
TV presenter
Acting in soaps, TV commercials, movies
Music videos