Shaun Richards

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About Me



Hi, my name is Shaun Richards I am a full-time driver conductor for Blackpool transport my hobbies include golf, football, fishing, reading and taking walks in the countryside every chance I get. I am a very competitive person when it comes to sports mostly football and golf, I always want to win. I’ve been going to golf and fishing since I was 8years old, my father taught me both and I still go with him to the day.

My favourite book is the Go-Giver which was recommended to me by a friend from my workplace. The reason for it being my favourite was because it inspired me to push myself and do things I want to do. I like to see my friends as much as I can and we usually go to the local pub and play pool, or if there’s a football match on we will watch that instead. One thing I always loved doing was clay shotgun shooting with my uncles, I haven’t been for a while but would love to go more.

I like to see myself as a pleasant and kind person. I always like to be positive and see people smiles. I am also a huge animal person but dogs especially. Whenever I see a dog on a tram I’m working on its difficult for me not to go over and pet it.