Samantha Denise Cleaver

About Me




I am a young female who has achieved many accomplishments through self-motivation and aspiration. I had quite the complex background, ranging from family breakdowns to supporting my mother with mental health. I had interrupted schooling from the age of 12 due to the circumstances of my families issues which unfortunately targeted me to be a victim of bullying through the short time attended secondary school.
Moving on, I became an exceptional cricketer, where I progressed to representing Northampton county from around the age of 15. At 16, I started working and enjoyed regaining some form of giving something back. By the age of 17 I had also played competitive rugby, representing Northampton county and the regional. I joined the territorial army in Oxfordshire before moving to Leeds just as I turned 18 to attend college and continue my development as an individual. I was scouted to play England u18s rugby, where I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. I completed my NVQ Level 2 in sports activity leadership and began my Level 3 in sports therapy the following term. Unfortunately, due to my relationship break down I was unable to financially support myself and returned home to Banbury to live with my mother 2-3months into my level 3 course.
A few months later I was successful in becoming a custodial officer for young offenders, where I remained in position for just over 2 years. At 21 I was successful in transferring to another sector within the company to be a senior support worker in residential care. I worked there from Jan 2014-June 2017 where I moved on to the company I where I work in a similar role as a team leader based in Hinckley.
As above I briefly touched on sports I have enjoyed playing. These days I have been committed to weightlifting and the occasional CrossFit session.
I am interested in seeing the world, trying new hobbies and having no limitations to trying something new at least once. I’d like to continue to open doors to my potential opportunities with a “can do” attitude and make the most of my aspirations.
I like to maintain a busy lifestyle where most days are different from the last to ensure every day brings a new challenge or thrill.
I enjoy being a social butterfly. Meeting and greeting various types of people that range from interest to interest to develop new friendships/ relationships the encounter new memories, experiences and knowledge.
The modelling industry is new to me, however, I feel that my confidence, physicality and ability to be successful is just as likely to happen to me as it could anyone else that considers the modelling industry as a career path. Therefore I would like to open my mind and opportunities to show what I can offer. Of course, I aspire to be successful and achieve great things.