Ryan Turner

About Me


Hair:Light Brown

My name is Ryan and I am seven years old. I currently with my parents, sister and best friend and my younger brother. My dad is British and my mum is Romanian. I speak some Romanian also and love travelling back there to spend time with my family and go swimming in the lake in summer and skiing in winter. I love to play sports and currently attend an Academy; my idol is Cristian Ronaldo. When I am not playing football I go to Beavers and love learning about new things.

My hobbies include playing football, trying new sports and spending time with my family and friends. I have been skiing since I was three! I also love to go swimming, cycle or scooter rides and in the summer bodyboarding at the seaside or on the Aqua-glide on the lake nearby. At school, I love helping my colleagues with their work and really love playing the violin. I am really interested in modelling and acting. I loved my first photo shoot!! It was really fun to have my hair done and to change in different clothes as follow the photographer instructions.

I am outgoing, confident and interested in all types of photo and modelling shoots.