Prisha Hirani

About Me



My name is Prisha, I am 5years old with a BIG personality! I enjoy going to school and love being around my friends. Other than going to school, I enjoy my swimming lessons, maths classes and best of all my performing art classes with Stagecoach. I have had the chance to perform in front of an audience as well as take part in a Guinness World record attempt with the production of Beauty and the Beast. My 2years with Stagecoach has given me a confidence boost and a joy of performing.

I am a very outgoing individual and love to travel. My travels have taken me to Dubai, Barbados, Morocco and many more. I know I’m only 5yrs old, will I even remember these trips? Of course, I will because I have made fond memories with my family!

I love the colour blue my favourite food is spaghetti bolognaise (a vegetarian version). I would love to have a puppy or a rabbit. I am very inquisitive and never shy of trying anything. I’m very patient and always wanting to learn about everything. I love to help my parents around the house and love to make people laugh.

I am a good listener and always follow instructions well and always tend to remember things such as faces and places.


SPORTS: I enjoy swimming and love being around water
READING: I love reading all types of books
ACTING: I have been attending performing art classes and enjoy it thoroughly
DANCING & SINGING I enjoy dancing and singing and make the most of it during my Saturday classes with stagecoach.