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Hair:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Nick Crane. I have always been interested in doing modelling, casting work and now hope to try it out. I have had photographs taken for advertising of English schools in Japan (I taught English in Japan for 14 years). I have also lived in America and Australia. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit about 25 countries. My other interests include martial arts (I have a light blue belt in praying mantis kung fu which I studied in Japan), music, golf, and snowboarding. I snowboarded a lot in Japan. I lived in Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido where they average about 6 metres of snowfall every winter. I currently work in a laboratory for Rolls Royce turbine engines.
As I said I lived in Japan for a long time. I learnt so much about the culture and the people. It is a very unique country and it was an amazing expeience. Being a foreigner there, you are often the centre of attention and a lof of Japanese people are very interested in foreign people and how they are different from the Japanese (not just their looks but the way of thinking,opions etc). I speak Japanese and am interested to know if there is any work which would require Japanese skills.
A little about my character, I am calm, kind and easy going. I love new exeperinces a trying new things. I love to meet people especially people from other countries as I belive it opens the mind.


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