About Me


Hair:Dark Brown
Eyes:Dark Brown

Hi, my names MJ. I play professional basketball for Great Britain as this is my current profession.

I am very outgoing and approachable, very energetic, and caring. I like to play the drums and the piano in my spare time, alongside dancing but I am self-taught which I believe makes me a quick learner as I pick things up very quickly and am always eager to learn more. I am motivated by success and the feeling of progressing in anything that I do. I believe I’m very open-minded and insightful to others opinions.

I’m very determined to get jobs done on time and effectively. I am a good team leader and work well in a team by communicating. I have good organisational skills and reliable.

I’m very confident in what I do and make mature decisions. I believe respect is important in all situations as it enables trust and strong relationships. I’m bilingual due to the fact that I lived abroad in Spain for 11 years, and in my opinion, I think that my culture is very diverse. Overall, I am a humble person and I believe that I am grounded and appreciative for everything I have in my life.


SPORTS: I play basketball, volleyball and am interested in football and other sports

DANCE: As a hobby

INSTRUMENT: I play the drum kit and the piano

ACTING: As a hobby