About Me



Hi, my name is Margot. During the last few months, I have reached 3 milestones in my life.

Firstly, after living in Bahrain for 29 years I returned to England to live. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and spending more time with my family. And also wearing fashionable winter clothes and boots! One thing you will not see me doing in winter is wearing dull drab clothes that reflect the weather. Red is my favourite colour and I wear it a lot and plan to do so in the winter.
Secondly, I am recently retired, after teaching primary school children for 40 years. I have worked mostly overseas including Sweden, Sudan and the Middle East. Travel and experiencing different cultures is an important part of my life. And if asked what I consider to be my greatest achievement in my so far in life, I would have to say, teaching hundreds of children to read!
Thirdly, in June I reached the age of 60. Rather than sit back and take up a new hobby such as knitting I decided to apply to be a model. My motivation, a renewed confidence in my appearance after recent weight loss, a desire to be noticed and a realization that this industry is not just for stick thin, impossibly beautiful young people. All it takes is the belief in yourself that you CAN become a model at any age, and I have that belief in myself.
My dream would be to feature on a  billboard with the slogan -60 and Still Sexy! Advertising fashion or the more mature.
But realistically will be delighted to pose for a catalogue or magazine or indeed for any organization.