About Me




I am a very easy-going Italian guy, a good listener and a nice one to work with. I am quite confident on stage because I studied in drama school in my late teens and I used to dance and teach hip-hop in my late 20s. I restarted to dance this year just for my pleasure now.  Today I also sing in a choir. I did sing in few solo competitions in Italy in the past. I was in two musicals and one play years ago (something local, nothing big, but still the standard of the performances was quite high).

I enjoy physical activities. Besides hip-hop, I play volleyball and go to the gym. I enjoy going to the cinema and I have been trying to reconnect with reading, but it’s not easy.

I have done many different jobs in my life. All of them involved dealing with people. That’s why I had the chance to improve my people skills by leaps and bounds. Some of those jobs were really peculiar. From selling bibles in little towns on the mountains at the age of 16 to pizza baker; from bellboy and night auditor in a 5*hotel to fitness trainer; from the dealer in a casino to private tutor for a student in secondary schools and teaching assistant in primary ones. And many others.

I think I can be a model with a vision. During the shoot, I try to understand where I am going and I establish immediately a good connection with the photographer.

I am very cheerful and I have a positive outlook on life. I have the tangible feeling that this is my moment to shine in life, so whoever happens to work with me right now will feel an incredible energy, my greatest strength, that I am happy to share.


SINGING: I have good basics and pretty good voice as a solo singer and in a choir. I would like to work on short projects unless/until a big opportunity arises.
ACTING: I have a basic training here and I would very much enjoy working in commercials and/or as an extra in films. I would take into considerations TV shows as well.
MODELLING: I don’t have experience in the field, but probably it’s one of the things that I like the most.  I did my first shoot when I was 17 with my first agency. Nothing good came out of it, so I stopped. Nonetheless, I have always felt very confident in front of a camera. As I above-mentioned, I think I can be a model with a vision. Ads for magazines or any kind of photo publicity is definitely my thing.