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Hi, I’m Man Lok, from Hong Kong. I am a pianist in the Royal College of Music. Why do I study at the Royal College of Music? The process of learning music can be interactive and influential, studying into this college is definitely a great chance for me to widen my horizon in this international platform. I was so touched and I cried in front of my head of keyboard just because I couldn’t imagine I was one of the 20 students who can get into this prestigious college this year. I am quite an open-minded person and I accept criticism. I realise that there is no absolute true or false in music, but there are various solutions or interpretations on it. So, I am objective to any kinds of comments, ideas and suggestions in order to be an innovated pianist and I am keen on collecting musical ideas and knowledge from the others. I am blessed to be accepted to this college.

I’m going to tell what inspired me to have a try in Visual Studio. As I’m a pianist and I get used to expressing my inner feelings and emotions, but these days I discovered that I can also express those things in other ways but not only in front of the piano. I think every picture could be meaningful and how did I smile and what gesture I had could be a kind of arts and that’s what I have tried in visual studio and I’m so blessed to have such a great advisor there. I do enjoy to take an inspirational, artistic and beautiful picture to influence the others. It’s my honours to be here and I am looking forward to corporate with you!


Pianist studying Master of Performance in Royal College of Music.

Awards: 2nd Prize of the Fifth KAWAI Asia Competition and 1st Prize in Hong Kong (Piano Duo)

Accent: English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Sports: Swimming, Running, Cycling, Ice-skating, Hiking, Badminton, Table tennis, Volleyball, Tennis