Leonardo Buesst Riboty

About Me


Hair:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Leo I was born in Peru. Lived most of my school life there. I grew up as a nerd, I was good at school, but terrible at interacting with people, and I didn’t care much about my looks, being overweight and I had weird haircuts, mostly because schools in Peru have a strict “haircut code”.

In 2011, my dad (stepdad, but for I love him as my father) brought me, my mom and my sister to England, and we really enjoyed it. After doing paperwork for quite a while, I got my residence permit in 2017. The school was over, and I didn’t really know what to study in college, so once we got here, I started helping a friend of my dad with the store in the village, so I started saving money. Since there isn’t a strict haircut code in the store, I let my hair grow longer, got some facial hair, had lost weight and decided to use contact lenses. My mom noticed my radical change of look, so she encouraged me to apply for modelling. After I noticed it went well, I want to do this to get the money I always wanted, and when the time for university comes, I won’t be the usual really broke guy, and to visit my family and friends in Peru more often.


Sports: Surfing, Cycling, Karate.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Modelling: Photoshoots, Commercials, Catwalk.

Acting: Extras.