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My name is Kim and I am 56 years old. I have worked as a qualified ‘Mental Health Nurse’ for 36 years and have an MSc in ‘Psycho-social interventions’. At the age of 55, I was able to retire, but have returned to work for two days a week as I still get satisfaction from my role as a nurse.

I am now in a position to do other things in my life. I have always had comments on my hair, and am lucky enough not to have to do anything to it – even though I am grey it looks blonde – basically, I was born with reddish hair and its lost its colour over the years. It’s long and wavy.

A career in modelling has never entered my head as I am too short, too old and a size 16 but a friend pointed out that there are many different types of modelling and my hair makes me stand out from the crowd. I also make a lot of my own clothes (all the ones on my photos are made by me) and am very interested in fabrics and design. I do like to look different.

I see myself as a people person and work well both as a team and independently. I am easy going and people have always said that they feel calm and relaxed around me, which is a great asset in my current career. I enjoy running and would say that I look very fit and healthy for my age, often people think I am younger than I am looking forward to meeting new people and having some new opportunities in my life