Karl William Haas

About Me



Hi, my name is Karl. I am a confident, courageous and motivated individual, with a strong will and mentality. I am passionate about whatever I do and when I set goals I will strive to achieve them to no end. I am always positive and energetic in anything I put my mind to. I have a good sense of humour and like to laugh but know when to be professional and focused. I am easy to talk to, I have been customer service trained. I am loyal and will always speak the truth however hard it is as I am an honest person. I am a very spiritual and empathetic person which helps me to be humble and grateful for all opportunities, whatever they may be. This had trained and lead me to know that I have a strong belief in myself.

I am an organised and punctual person. I’m analytical and a logical thinker. I am a quick learner with good listening skills and can take direction easily, I am very flexible and can adapt to most situations. I have caring skills and am compassionate, I am not qualified, but I have been a carer for my mother for 6 years. I am good with children, having a godson and 2 nieces whom I look after from time to time who I adore. I am very good with my hands (kinesthetic) and can make, build or repair things from being in hands-on jobs i.e. fixing cars, building work and garden landscaping.


I am passionate about cars; how they work, how they look, how they sound but most of all love driving them

Becoming a model and/or being in the limelight

Fashion, Clothes and Shoes

I keep fit, I like to work out or go to the gym

I like to mountain bike on trails

I enjoy food, I enjoy cooking and eating

I am interested in technology

I love to socialise