K Mavs

About Me



My name is Ksenia Mavs, I am 18 years old and I am Russian, Cyprian, French and British. Modelling has been my great passion since I was a little kid. I watched all seasons of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, VS Fashion Shows and other, and started modelling in my hometown in Russia, as a child model, when I was just 11. I have always been very passionate and confident, now more than ever, in my belief that modelling is definitely the way for me. I am very self-confident and really easy on set, it always feels comfortable no matter where, or who I shoot with, or what I’m wearing…etc.

I believe I have a very original natural face/look and I guess that’s what beauty is – the difference between us, to not be the standard – beautiful, but beautiful in your own way. To inspire confidence just by the look in your eyes. That s why I love modelling.

I am also a singer. I started singing when I was 8 and songwriting when I was 12. I write my own songs, produce and sing them. I have made 2 albums of my own, as of now (that nobody heard yet), and I believe I can make it in the music industry, as well. I think that music and singing is the way for me to inspire others, to share my thoughts and emotions, to make people feel I guess that is what music should be about, not just  Pretty voice.

I study and do photography, and have won a couple of photography competitions in the UK. Also, I  do acting and have performed in a couple short student films, playing extras, as well as a couple lead roles.

I hope that in the future I ’d not just succeed in one but in all of them… I believe in myself and I am very confident about what I want. So,  I am going to try everything possible to get where I want because the only way to achieve your goals is to work for them.


Fashion (Editorial) Modelling

Commercial Modelling

Glamour Model

More Artsy jobs

Promotional Modelling

Acting (any) (Tv, Film)

Singing (Pop, Pop-Rock)

Songwriting (Pop, Pop-rock, Ballads)