James West

About Me



My name is James West, I live with my lovely mum and dad plus my smart but sometimes pain in the butt Brother called Tom. During my time at secondary school, I made great school friends which I still have to this day, and left school with just the right about of GCSE’s to get into college to study public services for 3 years. I had the best time ever at college I did really well in all my subjects, grow in confidence, made more amazing friends and got my love for the outdoors and adventure when studying there.
When at college we went on a trip to the Project which is an indoor climbing centre in Poole which is where I got really into climbing and pushing myself to try out fun and different challenges. I still go to the Project every Thursday with mates to help keep myself fit and healthy but also because it is a fun atmosphere.
My current job at the moment is working at Go Ape in Moors Valley. I have worked there for three years now and I love every shift I’m in. I really enjoy working with people at Go Ape and with our customers to help them get over their fear of heights or to ensure that they have as much fun as possible.
My hobbies include climbing, reading my ever-growing comic book collection, watching films or Netflix and listening to music. My music taste is very punk rock/rock such as Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Paramore, Avril Lavigne and much more.