Izzy Willis

About Me


Hair:Light Brown

Hi, my names Izzy. I think I’m like most 10-year olds I love clothes and make up and hanging out with friends at the park. Shopping is my favourite thing or playing on my iPhone.

I’m not great at doing household chores but I am hard working. In my spare time, I Help my parents a lot at a village pavilion from cleaning and stocking shelves to looking after the younger children that come in with their families and serving tea and coffee. It’s a very sociable environment and I’m used to mixing with big crowds though I can be shy in a new situation. I’m not the kind of person to show off or be over excited, I’m a watcher taking in everything that is going on around me.

I’m interested in modelling because I enjoy having my photo taken and I love the idea of showing off new fashions.

My other interests are ballet and dance which I have been doing since I was 3yrs old. I have achieved merits in pre-primary, primary and grade 1 in ballet and grade 1 in modern. I have moved onto bronze Jazz and enjoy the different type of dancing.


Modelling and Acting