Isabella Robert

Ezra Jess Bell
About Me


Hair:Dark Blonde
Eyes:Hazel Brown

Isabella is a wonderful 8-year-old girl. She is kind and supportive of her friends and much loved amongst her peers. At school, Isabella is often seen as a class clown as she loves making people laugh and has a wicked sense of humour.  She takes part in afterschool clubs and activities. Isabela was cast in a school production of Oliver last year as one of Fagan’s gang members.  Also, she performed Japanese themed dance at Aurora Academiesregional event.  
Isabela is an active kid. She has various hobbies and is enrolled in different clubs but it doesn’t stop her from trying more. Recently she decided she wants to learn to play the guitar – now I am looking for the teacher! 
Isabella has two dogs. She named them after English Kings – Henry and Arthur. We all love long walks in the woods! 
Isabella is a popular girl. She likes being involved in community events carrying active roles at the local fund-raisers. 
I hope this helps you to have a better understanding of Isabella as a person. 


SPORTS: Martial Arts ( Taekwondo) – 2nd kup, Swimming, Basketball.
DANCE: member of Vince Martin DMT academy
SINGING:  like singing, but not very good at it 🙂
ACTING:  school productions only for now.
MODELLING: loveS to be in front of the camera