Graham Holland

About Me



Hi, I am a young 62 years old, many people say I look only 52, I like those people very much. I like to have a laugh with people, even if I have just met them, I’m easy going but when necessary I work hard with enthusiasm. I have had my own building company for around 24 years as a joiner, detail means a lot to me, I have now given up my building company and now I am looking for a new career in modelling, films and TV. I’m really looking forward to this change in life will bring, as working for myself has taught me to dedicate myself to the work intended I put all my effort into what I am doing. I like a challenge and look forward to this new way forward in life. Quite a few years ago I was a model for a hair salon, we won quite a few times.


Again in my younger day, played a lot of football being a Burley FC, then transferring to Liverpool FC playing in the reserves, a rememberable time in my life. I have always gone fishing, mainly doing competitions for many years, I have a sponsor mainly for anything I need for competitions. I also enjoy performance cars, had a few those, love formulae one. I keep myself fit to go down the gym most days, it sets me up for the day. Looking after my body and appearance is important, I eat healthy each day, I don’t drink or smoke, Never been dancing never sang.