About Me


Hair:Dark Brown

Henrique is a 13-year-old boy, born in Zimbabwe. He is mixed race, his dad is Portuguese and his mum is Zimbabwean. Henrique is the oldest of two boys. Henrique is a confident, kind, assertive and a friendly young man. He also likes to make people laugh and tends to joke a lot. Henrique is also an outgoing young man who plays football, does boxing and is a good swimmer. He was so good, he was chosen to swim for the Midlands region back in Zimbabwe.

Henrique also loves music, dancing and playing Xbox (fortnite especially). Henrique takes pride in how he looks and is always smart. He has a very good fashion sense and knows what looks good on him. When Henrique leaves the house he has to make a fashion statement. Henrique is not fussy when it comes to food, he will eat all food except fish and pork. Henrique also loves animals, especially cats and dogs.