Emmanuel Mathenge

About Me


Hi, my name is Emmanuel and I am an aspiring model and actor. I came into the industry by chance and decided to have explored the field. I am a confident, outgoing boy ready to face whatever life throws at me. I look at Lupita Nyong’o and Michael Bakari Jordan as my acting icons and Chad Smith for drums, I wish to be like them one day. In my spare time, I love to workout at the park gym and fly my drone also play the drums and look at some photos to help me pick out cool and funky poses. I also have a great passion for dance and I am currently in a dance crew made by my friends and me.


SPORTS: Football, swimming, penny N skateboarding, tennis, handball, dodgeball, netball, rugby and cricket.

DANCE: I like dancing to hip hop, Gospel Hip Hop and Pop Music. (e.g.) Gods plan and Hammer Time (Lacrae).

SINGING: As a very musical person I do a lot of singing and rapping mostly to gospel music. I sing alto in my school choir but I can sing bass and soprano.

INSTRUMENTS: Currently I am in grade 5 drums but I also play violin, piano, cornet and percussion. As a result of this, I am part of a special orchestra called National Private Schools Orchestra. I also play the drums in my school rock band (called The Unknown) and in my Church band.

ACCENTS: Italian, French, Espanyol, German, All African, New York, Western America, Caribbean, Posh British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and a Ney York accent.

ACTING: I have been major characters in my School productions. In December 2017, I was Bugsy in the Bugsy Malone Christmas production.