About Me


Hair:Dark Brown/Blonde
Eyes:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Debora. I was born in Portugal, my mom is Portuguese and my dad Angolan so I’m mixed race. I have lived in England for over 6 years. I am fluent in French, English and I can also understand quite a lot of Spanish. I am a visionary, resourceful and highly motivated person. I consider myself to be very enthusiastic, friendly, funny but most of all hard working!

I love taking pictures, I’ve done 3 photoshoots one including the one at Studio Collective and the other two were to be part of a friend’s work as she’s a photographer. It helped me build my confidence and understanding all the work involved around photoshoots. I also love travelling, I have been to France, South Korea, Florida and I wish to add many more countries to my list, with modelling I know that’s achievable. My hobbies are exercising, shopping, sightseeing, and taking pictures, dancing, listening to music and travelling.

 About 3 years ago, I was part of a Ryanair add that they were doing to advertise their destinations. I was just at the airport going back home for the holidays and they approached me. I ended up being chosen along with some other people to be part of it. I do not have much experience in the modelling industry, however, this is the reason why I decided to try my luck because I want to become great at it. I believe I have what it takes and with some guidance, I can achieve a lot. I’d love to represent clothing brands and to also be part of adverts as I really enjoyed the little experience I had with Ryanair.


Sports: General gym sports, weights, cardio.

Dance: Dancehall, latin dance, rhythmic dance.

Modelling: Commercial, adverts, clothing brands.