Lily Rose Eden Gbn
About Me



David is a very kind, happy, patient and well behaved fun little boy. He loves trying new activities, spending time with his friends and being with family. The more people around for him, the better! He has an older brother who is Autistic and already is very protective of him and has shown a great capacity for empathy! He loves to make people laugh and has a wonderful cheeky nature. David is thoroughly enjoying his modelling journey so far, especially the photo shoots.
David’s family is very diverse and he will often hear Spanish and French spoken at home. His family is scattered all over the world and he is lucky to have many opportunities to travel and visit them. Travelling is one of his favourites things to do. Otherwise, when he is not at school,  David will enjoy going to the park with his scooter, or to the trampoline park and soft play with his big brother, having playdates with his friends, going to the movies and cooking/baking with mum. When his father isn’t working, David will spend a lot of time listening to music with him and going to Camden Market for fun walks. He loves adventures!


Sports: Football, swimming, cycling and running
Modelling: Has now attended 2 professional photoshoots