Cynthia Kacamakisz

About Me


Hair:Dark Brown
Eyes:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Cynthia Kacamakisz I was born in Hungary in Budapest. My dad is from Greece but I grow up in Budapest but carry two different traditional with 2 amazing siblings. I was a professional tennis player I started when I was 5 years old I was following my brother on the tennis court. Travelled around Europe as a player. I got a scholarship in the USA I spent 4 years but studying and working, unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the school because of my back injury. I studied art and communication including photography fashion and fashion stylist. Since a little girl, I was interested in art drawing photography.

This is how I decided I want to study more about photography this is my true passion. The art was always part of my life love to draw big fun of drawing I think this is why I started to do body art and get a lot of tattoos to try to express myself. After I couldn’t carry on with the tennis as a player decided to move to London nearly 2 years ago.

Started to study about the personal training I finished the level 3 course in PT and also Tennis this is how I got back into tennis, my true love and started to work with kids and adults how to love this sport and teach them how to archived their dream as a full-time coach. When I was younger I took part in some beauty competitions as a teenager and work as a part-time you model following my mom who was a beauty queen in Hungary and a model. This is why I was thinking maybe I should try to give a go again start to do some modeling job.