Clive Howell

About Me



Highly successful in terms of exam sucesses – enabled students to this success through knowing that whatever their ability everyone has an ability and flavoured my teaching with enrichment and catered for their needs whether going on to a carear in medicine engineering- the range was only limited I felt by the students capacity to imbibe what was presented to them by me. Obviously this involved some hard work and quiet acting doing things like contacting NASA and getting poster of the space shuttle 1980’s!
Enrichment Enrichment!!! Many other examples.Not until recently did I gind out from an employee of my publisher did I find out in what high esteem I was held by my former students in North Staffordshire. Also taught at Rugeley schools- where I was amused but did not let on they thought I was Micheal Graff ie they gave me the nickname ‘Tack’ – Tackleberry!
Qualifications ; BSc.(OU) , Cert.Ed. , Dip. Math.
Degree awarded in 1999 at Edinburgh Taught / lectured Mathematics to 11- 19 until 1993.
Always sport whether Rugby Athletics volleyball basketball gymnastics work with light weights and set up my own training programs while still about 15 and a puipil myself!!
I qualified to teach PE at the same as I qualified to teach Mathematics.
Became a very fit strong man and fast in more ways than one was and I said this ‘ the un pumped up Swartzzenegger’! Would have no problem taking a leading role in films like Top Gun – Highlander- Am romantic- straight and would love to make money in the industry.
Have 32 world throwing titles in throwing sport.
I Am life president at and global president of the WTC – WORLD THROWERS CLUB’ like the Iaaf but for throwing impedimenta.
I Am a published author / co author of the wtc book of rules whose second edition was published in 2026.
I Am a high performance ( holistic) coach in athletics which like everything else I never asked for payment of any kind. Not ANYMORE my friend!
I am 64 going on 44!