Chameleon Rose

Victoria Sandy
About Me



Hi, my names Chameleon. Unusual life brought up by grandparents. Professional Commercial property landlord/ accountant/concentrated for over 20 years on making sure my children had the opportunity to reach their potential /mother to 3 high flyers Mayfair trader/ LONDON city lawyer/Deloitte scholar. Employed and supervised 9 household staff over 15 years.

Now going through a hostile divorce from an abusive partner – stayed to ensure all 3 children were functional and protected from narcissism. I  want to have a new fun career. Love meeting people and travelling. A lot of life experience lived an executive millionaire life travelling the world. Typical chatty Yorkshire Rose, brought up by grandparents, down to earth, intelligent, sociable, commonsense, very streetwise, hardworking, kind, caring, effective, persistent, problem solver. I had my own house and mortgage at 17. I worked full time as an accounting technician and also built up a mini market from scratch. Worked full time 6 1/2 days per week. Sold out at 29.
Project manage and renovate properties. Quite happy dressed down or dressed up. Versatile look across, lingerie, hosiery, dance, yoga, gym, sexy mini dress/skirts, ( great legs) young, fun, casual look, ( age is just a number- told look 45) wedding dresses, mother of the bride, wedding guests, shorts.
Going to be sexy at 60 next year. Ambition when established to approach Victoria Secrets to push boundaries to employ mature models. I’d love to be the first one.
Wrongly assaulted and arrested by the police ( all false charges dropped within 10 minutes) as they were manipulated by my abuser to believe he was the abused. Asked to tutor police in the future as a narcissism specialist, as even with training and coercive control been a crime for 3 years the police were manipulated to believe the narcissist. Would like to help an abused woman not be victims. Created my own protection from abuse that could help many other women. The law is still flawed and often against the abused – would like to speak to government and create change there.




Weightlifting – age is just a number