Anna Shillinglaw

About Me




I’m 20 years old and currently live in the Wirral a working full time as an international sales representative in Liverpool. I am the oldest of 3 kids and can speak fluent German. I am currently teaching myself Korean, as I have a big passion for Asia and am also planning to move there to learn the language properly. Also, I’d like to continue modelling on Korea.

As a child I had a few acting classes which gave me the possibility to act in 2 small plays and 1 school musical, I really loved it. In my late teens, I started taking singing lessons as I have a huge passion for music and expressing myself through it. Sadly that didn’t hold long, as it got too expensive for me to finance, luckily I had the chance of taking part in 2 concerts. I can play the guitar but haven’t touched it in years due to being busy with life and work.

In my free time, I love listening to music and enjoy walking through nature. I started reading more again as I want to grow my vocabulary. I write lyrics which end more in being my diary as I never use them.

Personally, I’m interested in things such as phycology, philosophy, neurology and so on. I love meeting new people and want to travel around the world, if I get the chance to do so, to see life from different perspectives.


SPORTS: basketball, ice-skating, gymnastics, swimming

DANCE: street dance

SINGING: singing lessons, mainly Indie
ACTING: school plays, a few acting classes

MODELLING: no experience before, but I have cosplayed as a child and had some amateur shootings with friends.

As I mentioned in the text about me, I’m very interested in the Asian culture, especially Japan and Korea. I’m interested in music and arts such as old paintings in museums. I’m a very active person and like going to the gym. I have a passion for travelling which I sadly haven’t used often and am very interested in giving myself the chance to open up new paths, opportunities, meet new people and build relationships.