Andreas Mouton

About Me



Hello, my name is Andreas Mouton and I am currently aspiring to be a model. This industry first approached me as several agency scouts have approached me and them saying that I have a good look has inspired me to continue building my confidence through modelling.

I look at a range of people as inspiration for fashion, I look predominantly at African-American hairstyles due to my curly hair and any actor or celebrity for fashion inspiration. In my spare time, I go to my local chapel who runs a Duke of Edinburgh programme or I meet up with friends to play basketball or go to the gym. I enjoy staying fit and doing a lot of sport. I am of South African heritage and I speak Afrikaans with my family and we keep the traditions. I love learning languages and learning about how it is to live in different areas of the world.

I enjoy music as well, anything from Hip-Hop to Jazz to Pop. I would love to model for high street shops such as Nike, Superdry, Adidas and H&M. I would prefer to do photoshoots as I think that’s where my strength lies however as I am new to the industry, I am open to everything. 


SPORTS: Basketball, Rugby, Athletics, Swimming, Cricket and Karate.

INSTRUMENT: Piano (I have been taking lessons for about three years and I am currently Grade 4 standard) and Guitar (self-teaching).

MODELLING: Editorial