Dale Patton Vernon
About Me


Eyes:Dark Brown

Hi, my name is Ammar. I am an energetic and highly focused individual. I am fairly confident but don’t shy away from any opportunity that comes why way or if I have to grab it. I am very task-oriented, can manage time very effectively, also know how to have a bit of fun knowing that job is being done and always open for any criticism or suggestion by anyone to improve myself. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. I never knew what I am good unless I give it a try, I always step out of my comfort zone to explore new ideas, opportunities, only then I have a proper understanding on how things work or if this is for me or not. My first impression of photoshoot was really good I enjoyed a little attention I get, If I can, I would love to pursue this as a career and with little fame I can get, I would like to take that positivity and spread it among people and change the idea of what many have in there mind regarding MUSLIMS in general. That would be my ultimate ambition along with many other.


I have recently started taking interest in going to the gym for two reasons, Firstly, my health and well being and staying in the best shape possible for my age. And, Secondly, to have an attractive physical appearance which can help me a little in this glamorous world of modelling/acting.
I love outdoor activities and get involved in any sort of new sports and learn the game. When I was growing up, I always loved Cricket and how everyone around me discussed and played this wonderful sport. When I was young, I only enjoyed the energy I was surrounded by people who played and watched cricket but I really enjoyed the sport when I was able to take part in one, I enjoyed the class and sophistication of this sport and how disciplined it is, there is so much more to cricket that most people are unaware of. I pursued my love for cricket my taking a part in a local cricket club. It was a wonderful experience for me meeting people from different background and culture and how they developed their love for this sport.
I also love watching and reading about the latest technology videos and blogs, It keeps me relevant with what is the latest trend in technology and it fascinates me to see how much innovation is done and how much more there is to see that these big tech giants are competing with one another by introducing the latest products for our convenience.