Amelia Noor

About Me



Amelia is a bubbly and very happy three-year-old child. She is very friendly and has grown to be very confident in everything she does. Amelia also enjoys singing and dancing to her favourite songs. She loves fashion and often wants to pick out her own clothes whether that’s a summer dress on a winter day or flip flops in the snow she knows how to rock it!! Amelia has big brown eyes and has Dark Brown wavy/curly hair which has somewhat straightened a little as she’s grown older. She loves having her picture taken and strikes a pose whenever she notices a camera. Amelia is Pakistani and Kashmiri and adapts well to both her British culture and foreign culture with her clothes, foods and events. She speaks and understands English fluently and a little bit of Urdu/Punjabi. Having a younger sister is the best thing that has ever happened to Amelia as she loves her dearly, showing her affection to her whenever she gets the chance. Amelia loves animals, her cat Millie and loves petting animals whenever she notices them on the street. Amelia is very mature for her age and has so much passion inside of her little body. She is very strong willed and full of energy, she will try anything and truly puts her mind and heart into everything she does.
  • Sports
  • Dance – hip-hop
  • Acting
  • Modelling