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Hi, my names Abby. I love to keep active always love doing something and being out of the house, doing activities, clubs, sports or seeing family and friends. I work part-time at a dairy farm which I used to be a full-time calf rearer and milker, I have always had a job since I was 14 but I did volunteer work from when I was 12 at a horse riding stable where one of the people I worked with had some sort of mental disability and always asked for me to help him with his riding I liked to think this is because I was always very calm and made a big thing out of everything he achieved even the small things were a really big step and it made me really proud of him, I have always worked with animals until recently when I had a family photo shoot to update the wall photos my parents had and the photographer took me aside for some of just me near the end, I really loved it and that is what inspired me to start trying to get into the modelling industry. I enjoy looking after my health eating healthy and keeping active. however everyone always needs time to chill out and relax and for me, that is either using masks, scrubs etc on my face or going to the cinema and a nice meal.

I always really enjoy meeting new people one of my favourite things in life is introductions and getting to know them. hopefully, in a couple of years, I would like to see myself with lots of job opportunities and instead of the one getting advice to be the one giving the advice and helping new faces into this very competitive and challenging industry. I am all about extending my opportunities and grabbing any experience that comes my way. challenges accepted any type of modelling that I could try I would be greatly appreciative of, you never know unless you try is a motto I like to live my life by.


Horse riding
Commercial modelling
Real faces modelling

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